The storm has passed during the night and morning and we are still floating and have no issues :).  We had rain from yesterday at 10 am and then the winds started to pick up around 10 pm.  Either Kris or Dean watched during the night and saw gusts up to 45 knots, this location sure protected the boat from the winds.  That is one advantage of having the boat, we could move to safer locations as the storm started moving up the US coast.  In the news around here the winds were up to 65 knots.  Talked to a local gentleman this morning that said there were several tornados that touched down around the area.  We will spend a wet windy day on the boat and leave on Monday.  Probably there will be a few naps during the day as well.

Our friend Bob and Anne Beck have their boat Baloo in NC and here is his most recent email;
Bob and Baloo are looking better all the time.  It was quite dicey for awhile.  The wind started building Friday afternoon.  By morning it was blowing 40-50.  The eye passed just east about 9 am and then the @#$% hit the fan.  We had 60-80 for most of Saturday.  Water height from 8 ft above to 4 ft below average.   Had to do some line adjusting - not fun. 
Today (Sun) - NICE!




We made it through Irene