The time continues to fly by,  but some how we have managed to squeeze in activities to see the island and have fun.  One of the sites we wanted to see was the water slides, like a water fall but this one you can sit down on the rocks and slide down into the pool at the bottom.  There are two sets of slides and the first one is the steepest but ends in a small pond, that is  really more of a puddle.  This sets you up for the last slide that drops you into the deep pool.

We had taken a bus to the slides and there were two other boat families that wanted to go so we had 11 all out enjoying the water.  One of the boats "Moana Roa" has two boys about Derek's age so he had some other dare devils to slide down the rocks with as well as taking the leap off the rocks into the pool.  There is a second water falls that is further up the creek and it is a good picture taking one, too tall for any jumping.

We all had a good time, and we were ready to head back home, because it was Cricket day.  On Fridays, a group of cruisers get together and plays Cricket on a large lawn at one of the marinas.  We are not familiar with Cricket, but it isn't terribly hard to pick up the basics, so Dean joined in with the game.  He got up to bat once and had one good hit, where he scored six runs, and then the second hit was caught, so he was out.

Kris and Derek were spectators for a while, but then they headed down to the marina bar to watch the Louis Vuitton cup races, which are preliminaries to the Americas Cup races.  The new catamarans they use don't so much sit on the water,  but almost fly though the air and are incredible to watch.  If you get a chance, you really should watch a race.

No hurricanes yet heading our way, so we will continue to wait here in Grenada before moving on. 




08/28/13: water slides, cricket, America's cup

The rock slide falls

Derek jumps off the cliff into the pool
Video of Dean sliding down the rocks

Video of Derek sliding down the rock falls

The upper falls were beautiful

Base of the falls makes a nice shower

Anyone for cricket - the cruisers outfits don't
look near as professional.

Americas cup boat - looks like it is flying