Kris asked the other morning so does it seem like we have been gone only a month?  No, it seems a lot longer for some reason.  8/29 seemed to be the first day we were at anchor and we had a very relaxing day.  We did go to shore and walked around the Mount Harmon Plantation.  It is an old restored tobacco plantation that has public tours on the weekends.  The rest of the time there is no one there, but we were fee to roam the grounds, and go on the trails around the place which was about 4 miles of trails which the dogs really enjoyed.  We saw deer, turtles, lots of birds and even watched a raccoon wander in front of us.  We did a couple of projects, tightening the steering cables, rigging the jib after the hurricane, attaching the sling seat, but overall nothing that took over an hour.

Derek had been asking for his inflatable kayak to get brought out - so that is now on the deck and being used.  We also brought out his tube that is pulled behind the dingy, seems like he could do that all day.  The weather has been sunny and warm, in the mid 80s and the water is in the mid 70s but is not really salty so it is enjoyable to jump in and cool off.

At times you have to select an anchorage that has groceries and laundry with in walking distance.  Researching those sometimes becomes difficult but if you get internet you can usually use Google maps or MapQuest to find what is around those anchorages.  Then the fun begins for instance here on Tar Cove we found two grocery stores with in a mile of the boat but trying to get the dingy onto shore is now the issue.  There are houses along the shore line that prefer you not walk on their property, marinas want you to pay for a slip vs. just tying up your dingy.  We did find one community boat ramp that we can use (as long as no one complains or catches us, as it is at a community park) for the groceries (green dot) but for laundry it is a bit further (orange diamond).  
We got groceries today, walked the .75 miles to the store, did our shopping, then carefully bagged our stuff and put it in our little pull cart and walked back with the groceries in the cart.  It was a full cart as we spent over $200 this trip.  We did a large shopping trip, as we never know when the next good grocery store will be, and this was a big nice store.  We had lunch at the McDonalds next door. 
We don't take the dogs on the grocery trips, and we put a harness on Sam and Oso and leave them on the boat, and usually give them a treat.  Oso is fine, but Sam acts like he will die if he doesn't get to go, and barks until we are out of sight, but then calms down.
 For the laundry, we will dinghy up the creek to a bridge and drop off Derek and Kris and they will walk 1/2 mile to the laundry and back.  Dean had better be making dinner that night.
Dean dropped Kris and Derek off at a boatyard that doesn't really want us to tie up and they snuck through the yard and went up to a CVS with a redbox movie rental place.  Tonight we will watch movies and have popcorn.
Tomorrow we will have to sneak them back.
This anchorage is nice and protected, a little boat rocking now and then from boat created swells, but the water isn't something you want to jump into, which is OK as it is cooler now, with rain in the forecast.




9/2/11 After a month or so