It doesn't seem like the summer is over but it is already September and starting to cool off in the evenings.  Last year we were in the Chesapeake Bay area and this year we are still in Connecticut.  We thought the hurricane season was going to be rough this year but so far it has been very mild, in fact our summer has been extremely mild as well.

We have worked on the boat some this summer, some work due to the lightning storm but other maintenance work and improvements as well.  In the end about 150 projects completed.  House/Boat cleaning was also active and we did get some things off the boat via eBay so made money in the activity.  Spent time with friends, had some good dinners, and overall have had a lazy relaxing summer :).

Last week we started 7th grade school with Derek, not his most favorite activity.  We have gotten all our electronics back and working and are planning our travels through New York's East River and beyond.

Some interesting facts:
Derek is close but not taller than his mother
Both dogs are still on the boat, but only one will make it out of the U.S.
Have about 500 movies on board
The diesel engines are not leaking any oil or salt water
The water is much bluer in the Bahamas
Derek wants a new faster computer

Our plan today is to head to Virginia, where we will haul the boat and work on the bottom, then keep heading south until we stop and head west or back north.
Don't know which option yet - but we definitely plan on going through the eastern Caribbean this season, just don't know where we are going after that.  We might summer in Trinidad, or in Panama, or head north to the states again.




09/05/12; Heading South, again :)