Visiting with all our friends and relatives has been great.  We spent a lot of time with both parents, got to see all of Dean's family, and Kris's family.    We even spent some time helping Kris's parents clean out some marmot infestation, but it does get old after a while to not have a place, so we decided to settle down.

To make things more challenging, we had the unfortunate luck for
Dean to get in a car wreck in our brand new to us minivan.   It was the other drivers fault, and Deans good driving skills turned a wreck that could have been horrible, to a wreck that all could drive away from.  That did not mean the car was unscathed though.   3 weeks in the body shop, and the van is looking good, but we are still waiting for payment from the other insurance company.   Just a note to anyone who cares - State Farm has been great to work with through all this but, Farmers Insurance has been horrible.

Well, since we did not find high paying jobs right away, we decided to settle and stop sponging on relative and friends and find a place for us to live as a family again.
So, here we are in Boise, Idaho.  We found an apartment that takes pets, and we have moved in and unpacked. 
Derek has started public High School, and we are back in the realm of monthly bills: rent, insurance, cell phones, television, internet, food, school supplies, clothes, water, electricity, garbage, sewer, and on and on.   Boy - did not miss that while we were gone.

Derek is ready to go back to home school, as school takes up 8 hours a day with prep and travel time, so he really misses those 4 hour a day school times.   He is doing well in school so far - taking Conceptual Physics and Engineering design for electives.     We have very very fast internet here in the apartment, and Derek finally bought the computer of his dreams with the money he saved up - so much free time is spent playing with friends online, and he is also working on youtube videos.

Kris has hit all the temporary staffing agencies in town, looking for work to tie us over until full time good paying jobs can be found.

Dean is enjoying satellite TV sports, and takes Sam for nice walks every day.

The apartment complex has an exercise room, so we try to make it there every day to offset the amount of junk food we eat.





09/07/14; Life on land - Visiting Relatives, Car wrecks, Apartment Life,  Derek goes to real school   

Seeing all the relatives

Had some fun while in Montana

Another marmot bites the dust

Minivan not looking so good

Helping Kris's folks with some work

First day of High School

Our apartment complex
Our view out the back window is not as nice as
we have been used to.