Traveling through New York Harbor on the water has been enjoyable and exciting.  The trip from Long Island Sound starts with going under the Throgs Neck Bridge, the timing of this is most critical.  As you go along the East river you get to a spot called "Hells Gate".  At this spot you can have a current of 4 to 5 knots, hopefully going in the direction you are; otherwise the trip takes a lot longer.

So by studying the tide tables you are able to time the journey to coincide with favorable current.  On the travel you go under 10 bridges (of course one is the Brooklyn Bridge), ending with the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at the entrance to New York harbor from the Atlantic Ocean.  You also get to view LaGuardia Airport, Manhattan/downtown New York, and that heliport in downtown NY that you see in so many movies.  Of course, the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline, and on occasion the Queen Elizabeth II.  There are a multitude of islands with the big ones being; Rikers Island (home of New York's main jail complex), Roosevelt Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, and Ellis Island.  There are also all the buildings, some old and others like the new Trade Center that are still being built.

With all that there is also the boat traffic, some going up and down the East River but as you get into Manhattan the ferry boat traffic, the tour boats, and water taxis make the passage rather bumpy of a ride.

For the four hours it takes you to travel down the East river and out to the Atlantic it is one of the most diverse and interesting trips.




09/08/12; New York and the East River

boat speed 5.3 with current 10.4