We decided that the weather looked good for a overnight trip from there to Cape May, NJ, and if the winds were nice, and seas were favorable, maybe a two night trip to Norfolk, VA area.

We had great winds of 15 to 20 knots, and when they stayed close to 18 knots and above, we put in a reef in the main.  Then the lessoned/practicing began:, the winds lightened so we took a reef out, then they built so we put a reef in, then they built again so we put in a second reef, then they lessoned so we took a reef out, then they built so we put a reef in.  Nothing like practice, practice, practice to make you good.  Keep in mind that this all occurred during the night, when one of us was off shift and trying to sleep,  All in all, it was fine, and we had a good sail with mostly above 15 knots, to 27 knots with mellow seas, except for one four hour period.  We passed Cape May at 2:00 in the morning, so headed for Norfolk, VA, but the wind finally died to nothing so had to motor the last 12 hours.

It would have not been so bad, but it was cold  cold cold cold.  Guess we have thin blood, because both Kris and Dean were in warm weather clothes, Kris had long johns on for a full 24 hours, plus layers on top of that.  Only Derek did not have on warm clothes, mostly because he has none, having outgrown all long pants he owned, so he stayed inside wrapped in a blanket most of the day.  It finally warmed up once the wind died, but the nights are still chilly outside.

As we came down the coast we passed Atlantic City at night.  There is one building there that has the entire outside as a lit up billboard.   This is like a 20 story building at least, it is quite a site from the water.  A little south of Atlantic city Kris noticed some weird lights in the sky.  She called Derek up and they watched them for a while (Dean was trying to sleep).  The lights just looked light they hung in the sky in the same place for a long time.  Then finally they started moving towards the boat.  When they got close enough, you could hear the drone of an engine, so we assumed that they were two airplanes, but the lights were not like normal airplane lights, they were light up very bright, with lights on the front and the tail, and not the wings, and a very bright strobe light on one as well.  It is easy to see why people spot UFO's.

During the day, Dean called us out all excited to see the whales.  Only Dean saw them, and they didn't resurface.

After we started motoring, we turned on the water maker, as we were half a tank low.  After a few hours Kris asked Dean how the water tank looked.  It was empty.  We found the leak, which was a new hose we had connected for a new stern shower we put in.  Not sure what caused the hose to come off, but it is a good thing we were motoring and able to make water for a long time, as the entire fresh water tank emptied into the bilge and was pumped overboard. 




09/12/12:  Reefing, Cold weather UFO's, Whales and Water - Some trips are more interesting than others.