We haven't posted in a while, and that's because there is not anything special going on.  We are still here in Grenada, just hanging out and waiting for hurricane season to end.  Luckily, no hurricanes yet, just lazy days of summer.  

Every morning Dean takes Sam for a walk, before the sun gets up too high and it gets too warm.   Kris and Derek do school, until lunch, and then after lunch Derek goes off to play with some of the other 13 kids in the anchorage.    We have started taking Sam swimming in the afternoons, we put on his life jacket, and he does a couple of laps around the boat.  He seems to really enjoy it.

The kids stay busy kayaking, swimming, sailing and playing on the beach.
When Derek is off then Kris and Dean have relax time and usually try to work on a small boat project, read, relax and do basic chores on the boat.

We have been going into the local bar to watch the America's Cup Races on the television, and have enjoyed that.  Once a week Kris heads to town to get groceries.  Usually once a week there is some kind of social gathering between the other cruisers that we participate in.   Most afternoons some cruisers gather at the tables on the beach to play Mexican Train Dominoes, or Farkle, and we join in on occasion.

We have been to several birthday parties, dinners on other boats, group activities touring inland, and just informal get togethers.

It is actually surprising how busy we all stay.

We are currently at a small island just north of the main island of Grenada, for a change of pace and in a couple of weeks we will head to Trinidad, to do some sightseeing and for a change of pace.

Other than that, for the first time in a long time we have absolutely no plans other than day to day.  No obligations, no schedules per say, no other people depending on us.  It is really quite refreshing.




10/3/2013 - Life in a routine  

Nice moonlit night

Kids having fun sailing

Sam and Dean taking a lap around the boat

Ahh! the dog days of summer

Derek made a sail for his Kayak

Hard at work at school?