It went fast, it seems like just yesterday we came to Annapolis and now a week and half later we are leaving.  The day we arrived was the last big sailboat race of the year and there were sailboats everywhere.  As we left today there is another sailboat race going on and it is exciting to see all the boats and spinnakers flying.  Kind of makes us want to make our boat go faster but with our "house" it just does not perform at the level of the go fast racing boats.  Oh well Kris is having hot tea, Derek is playing a WII game, and I am typing on the computer.
 We did our tourist things here, walked downtown, took a walking tour of the Naval Academy, and even spent a rainy day at the town mall.  It is quite amazing how many sailboats are here.  There are a lot of sailboat races, and some of  the racing sailboats get hauled out of the water between races. There looks to be several boats where people live aboard, and quite a few of us transients. There are also lots of businesses that cater to sailors, so supplies are fairly easy to find.   We also found a large grocery and laundromat about a mile away, so took care of those chores.
Annapolis have a big boat show the first weekend of October, and the anchorage was starting to fill up already.  After the boat show, all the boats head south and it gets harder to find anchorages that are not crowded after that, so we wanted to get south before the crowd.
We ordered our water maker and a new alternator as we found after 5 days of cloud and rain, the solar just can't keep  up.  All the items will take another week before they arrive in Annapolis, so we might as well head to Washington D.C. and when it all comes in we can bus over to Annapolis, or rent a car and pick it all up.
We met a nice Australian couple that have been out for over 6 years on their trawler "Argos".  There were also several boats from Canada, and one from Holland in our anchorage area.
A boat next to us had two cats on board, and woke up one morning and one was missing. We hope they find him, as there is a good chance it has hidden out on shore for a while.  Made me glad though that our cat Sackett is safely on land with Grandma and Grandpa.
We had a good sail today, 9/17/11, down to the Solomons, MD.  The only problem is it is 70 degrees and Kris is cold, has on her pants, tee shirt, sweatshirt, and a blanket and says we need to head future south where it is warm.




09/18/11 update
We came to Annapolis during a sailboat race and we left during a sailboat race