Usually every year you need to take the boat out of the water and put new bottom paint on the surfaces that are below the water.  This paint; "Anti-fouling paint or bottom paint is a specialized coating applied to the hull of a ship or boat in order to slow the growth of organisms that attach to the hull and can affect a vessel's performance and durability"

We could beach the boat like we did when we changed the propeller, but you can't get all the boat out of the water, and you only have limited time. This would work but the tide only gives you a few hours to do all the work before the tide has the boat in water.  To do all the bottom painting it is less stressful and probably easier to just take the boat out of the water,  plus you can get to the bottom of the keels this way.

So we are at Holiday Marina in Virginia and the boat is now out of the water and sitting on its keels.  We have new zincs to put on the saildrive/propellers, new paint for the saildrives, a patch on the rudder to redo, sanding the bottom and then repainting it with new bottom paint (usually at least two coats of paint), wash and wax the whit sides, and any other "small" project that is needed to be done below the waterline.

The bottom paint looked good but we had a bit of a growth of barnacles on the propellers so it will be good to have those off.

We will have a follow up page on how all this went :)




Update 09/21/12; Hauling the Boat

This is one dirty propeller, no wonder we go so slow
Dean started cleaning the hull, you can see the difference

Holiday Marina, small yard, but very friendly people and good prices
 You can see how dirty the bottom was, but few barnacles    
Ready to be sat down on the tarp we will call home for a week.