We motored up the Potomac River to Washington DC, tried to sail but the winds and the winding river just did not make for good sailing.  The logs in the river also were tough to avoid as you sailed so motoring made the most sense.  We passed by Mount Vernon, home to George Washington, you can see the dogs were really interested.  Derek did homework, the smile was not always on his face as his teachers are pushing him to do more.  In one of the anchorages Derek decided that taming ducks might be a good job for him in the future so he was trying his hand at it.

The weather has been so so and this morning we woke up to fog.  We waited until 10:30 before it was clear enough for us to motor on.  The only folks that were moving around in it were some bass fisherman, I think there was going to be a tournament in the area so they were out checking the area for good fishing spots, Monty C knows what I am talking about.

We are now anchored just off the Potomac river in Washington DC.  We pay $15 per day for dinghy dock access, showers, laundry and internet.  Also available is a library and computer with printer. 

There are so many sites to visit here that we will be taking the next week walking the town and seeing the many sites.  We were told the International Spy Museum was something worth while to see and some one had told me that I needed to visit "Fords Theater" the site where Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated. 
We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum today.  We were there from 10:00 to 3:00 and had a good time.  We also walked through the scuplture gardens which were really neat, and the Hirshhom museum of art. Got a bit of a scare at the art museum when Derek stepped to close to a piece of art and alarms went off.   Tomorrow is the Spy Museum and then Saturday and Sunday we will spend walking the mall and looking at Monuments.  (at least that is the plan)




Update 09/22/11 up the Potomac to Washington DC