Not sure what we have seen more of here in Washington DC, bicyclers, joggers or museums but there sure have been a lot of all three.  The weekend had the 50 state bicycle ride event, ride on all 50 streets that have the state's names.  The sidewalks were rather crowded at times but even on "normal" days you see many people out bicycling to and from work.    We wondered if there was a survey of the most runners per city size, we think DC would take first.

Now we have been here a  and have seen many monument and museums so thought we would just add a few pictures for now. Some of the museums were hands on and very educational and some were not.

We have been to the Spy Museum, the Crime and Punishment Museum, the museum for American History, the Natural History Museum and a couple of art museums.  We have seen the Jefferson memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the Korean war memorial, and the Martin Luther King memorial.  We have also seen numerous statues and artwork throughout the city.

At the Jefferson Memorial, Dean and Derek went up to see it, while Kris stayed out with the dogs and a busload of tourists of Asian descent (probably Japanese) were exiting the memorial to get back on their bus.  Kris was there with the dogs and they seemed fascinated by them.  Before she knew it, she was the next tourist attraction in D.C.  Many people posed with the dogs, and some wanted Kris in the photos, and some just wanted the dogs.  They even got picky and wanted both dogs to look at them at the same time.  One person wanted her to make Sam sit back up after he got tired and laid down.  Kris figures around 70 photos were taken of the dogs, and then when Kris went up to the memorial and Dean stayed with the dogs, more tourists came and took photos.

There are certainly many things to see here, and it has definitely been worth the three day trip up river to see it.  We are all getting a little museumed out, so tomorrow, we will rent a car, and drive over to Annapolis and pick up some parts we ordered.  It will be a nice break from museums and memorials.  We only have two more that we want to visit, and that is the National Geographic museum  and the capital building.




9/27/11 bikes, joggers, museums and photo happy tourists.