Well the time the boat spent on the land is over and we are very happy to be back in the water.  The projects are completed, of course we added a few to the list. We did not have any "major" projects but by the end of each day we were rather tired and had a few sore muscles.  We are running a test this year, there are many thoughts about how to keep the propellors clean; different types of paints, doing nothing, even using a sharpie pen.  So we did one prop with epaint and the second prop Kris covered with the black sharpie pen.  Now we can compare side by side and see if one keeps the barnacles off better than the other one. 

Keeping the boat clean while in the water is a challenge but while on land it was just about impossible. The blue tarp kept the sanded bottom paint from going into the soil and getting into the water table but allowed us to walk through it daily, even the dogs were able to have green paws.  Some of those paw & foot prints eventually made it onto the boat.  There was also a boat beside us doing some sanding and the road to the boat yard was off our back step.  All in all - we had a bit of filth on the boat after a week.  With the blue tarp below us we could not just hose off the boat so some buckets and sponges were used but not a great cleaning could be done.

We were able to get the boat moved to the water and while we waited for the tide to come in we had a water hose available and had a major cleaning event.  We cleaned the boat inside and out, and gave the dogs a bath.  The dogs also are enjoying not being lifted on and off the boat. While on land Dean had to carry them up the ladder to the swim platform which is there normal spot for getting on and off the boat.

The boat yard has lots of activity of the commercial watermen working on their fishing/clamming/oyster boats.  The boats have a design that is a Chesapeake design and most are wooden.  The two guys running the Holiday Marina boat yard, Dan and Richard, try and keep everyone supplied with materials and moving the boats in and out of the water.

"What If"  was put in the water around 6 pm and after taking on fuel we headed out.  We wanted to get to Annapolis, Maryland early so we could find a anchoring spot and with the boat show on Oct 4-7 space was going to be tight.  There was a full moon out and 10 knots of wind behind us so we had a good motor/sail up the Chesapeake Bay.  After 22 hours we made it to Back Creek,  anchored, and took a long deserved break.

While the boat was out of the water our schedule was a bit hectic but now we should be able to get back into a routine.  For instance our schooling time did not always happen so we have a couple of make up days -  Derek is not looking forward to that.




Update 09/30/12; A week on the hard

Dirty and waiting for work

One white painted propeller and fancy orange pin stripe

Time for a break in the shade

Goofing off after the hard work is done

Finally going back into the water

In the water and floating - no leaks

Typical Commercial Waterman Crab and Oyster boat
Dan and Richard who run the yard - super nice and super helpful