Last year we were at Washington DC viewing the museums and monuments during the famous Annapolis boat showboat but this year we were in Annapolis MD for it.  There are a couple boat shows that are really "bucket list" shows and this one is one of those.  They break the boat show into two weeks, the first is for sail boats and the second week is for power boats. We only stayed for the sailboats.

Since the show is very popular you need to get hotel reservations, marina reservations or find your anchor spot early or you might be sorry.  We arrived a week early and anchored in Back Creek with lots of room and space around us.  As the boat show came closer the creek filled up and by the pictures you can see many more boats came in.

There were two new families on Manta catamarans out sailing this year that were at the boat show, Marce/Jack on Escape Velocity and Craig/Wendy/Maggie/Kate/Olivia on Anything Goes.  Craig had a birthday and at his party we also met Wil/Jenny/Justine/Colin on Full Monty, a
47 foot catamaran.  For once Derek had lots of kids to play with at a cruiser get together.  Scott and Tina off  Sangaris, a Manta 42 that we met in the Bahamas, live in Annapolis and they also attended.  It was good to catch up with Scott and Tina on their adventures over the summer and plans for the upcoming winter.

Derek was thrilled to meet Colin off of Full Monty, as he is a Minecraft fan as well. (Minecraft is a computer game that Derek spends his free time playing).  Colin came over to the boat after school two days in a row, and Derek and him played Minecraft for a couple of hours each day.

We only had a few things to look at in the boat show but some how we spent the entire day there, Derek wished it had been a bit shorter.  While there we viewed some new catamarans, not to buy but to get new ideas on.  We did stop by the Manson Supreme Anchor booth and talk to the rep about how pleased we are with the anchor and he gave us three watch caps.  The caps have come in handy with the recent cooler weather.  We also stopped by the Parasailor booth, a new design of spinnaker that has a hangglider like wing built into the sail.  Derek got a really nice shirt from them.  All in all we could have spent another day walking the show but we had purchased what we needed so it was time to head south.

Friday night there was a Manta get together at a local restaurant.  We had seven different Manta owners in town and three boats were currently cruising.  The Manta owners share a website where issues and questions can be talked about with other who have the same questions.  It was good to put faces to some of the names and the dinner was rather good as well.

On Saturday we hoisted anchor and headed south, we did not make it far because the winds and waves were beating us up so after only a couple of hours we pulled into a protected anchorage and spent the night.  The next day we left again and made it down past the Potomac river.  On Monday we sailed down to Deltaville and stopped to see our friends Bob and Anne off Baloo.




Update 10/08/12; Annapolis boat show

Craig's birthday party

Derek and boating kids

anchorage pre boat show

anchorage during boat show

Manson anchor

manta dinner