We sailed/motored out to Ocracoke on Tuesday and will eventually leave, maybe on Saturday/Sunday the winds will help us.

The island of Ocracoke is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is the last inhabited island, from north to south, of the Outer Banks, and can only be reached by one of three public ferries (two of which are toll ferries), private boat, or private plane. Other than the village of Ocracoke and a few other areas (a campground, a pony pen, a small runway), the entire island is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. A single two lane road, NC 12, runs from the village at the southern end of the island to the ferry dock at the northern tip of the island, where a free ferry connects to Hatteras Island. The second ferry dock, located in the village, has toll connections to Swan Quarter, North Carolina on the mainland and Cedar Island, near Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

The village of Ocracoke is located around a small sheltered harbor called Silver Lake, with a second smaller residential area built around a series of man-made canals called Oyster Creek. The village is located at the widest point of the island, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by sand dunes and a salt marsh. The average height of the island is less than five feet above sea level, and flooding is a problem during hurricanes and large storms, and many of the buildings on the island are built on pilings to lift them off the ground. The Ocracoke Lighthouse, one of North America's oldest lighthouses, is situated near Silver Lake.
We went out on Friday and walked the 1 1/2 mile to the beach to fly kites and play in the surf.  Not much surf time because there were warnings for severe rip tides and the water was cold.  The winds were blowing 20 ish so the kite flying was good and the sand was blowing down the beach making more dunes as we watched.  It is a nice island and you can get around town with out too much effort although Derek still thinks it would be fun to rent a golf cart, bike, or other vehicle to see the sites.

The mosquitoes have been quite ferocious, a leftover effect from the hurricane and the amount of water it dumped. We all have red lumps on our legs arms and necks.  Getting an ice cream cone in the afternoons seems to help with the itching :).




Update 10/15/11 Ocracoke Island, North Carolina