We left Deltaville, and have been mostly motoring ever since.  Kris is complaining about being cold, so we are heading south.  From Deltaville, we went to Portsmouth, VA, and anchored at a place called Hospital Point.  It is probably called that because of the large hospital on the point - but we are just guessing.  We walked into town and got our McDonalds fix for dinner, and had a peaceful night on the boat.

The next morning we upped anchor at 6:30 to make it to the first bridge opening in daylight.   Us and 12 other boats that is.  It is definitely the time for the migration of boats to the south.   Most the boats are very polite and the boats pass us courteously, but there is always one who thinks different from the rest.  We just laugh at those folks, but other boaters feel the need to express their displeasure vocally on the VHF radio, so it is always interesting to sit back and listen.

We motored down the ICW through the locks, and under the bridge and than had to pull off and tie up to a free dock for about an hour, as Kris remembered some good thrift stores in the town right there, and sure enough, found some clothes at good prices.

After the short delay, we were on the move again, motoring, but at least were were fairly alone, as the mad rush of boats was either in front of us by 30 minutes, or behind us by 30 minutes, due to bridge opening schedules.  We anchored that night at a place called Blackwater Creek.   They should have named it "creek full of bugs that die and stain the boat green", for that is what happened.  As the sun hit the green stains, they turned black. We were trying to get the bugs off the boat all day.  We hosed off the dead ones, but the lives ones just kept flying around.

We motored on to Alligator River Marina.  This is a traditional stop for us, and as usual, we had nice long showers, and ate at the restaurant for dinner.  Before dinner and showers though, we gave the boat a through scrubbing getting off all the bug debris and stain.   We also for the first time, hooked up to power and ran our air conditioning and heater to make sure they worked - which they did.

After a nice night at Alligator River Marina, it was an early morning and a 62 mile run to another peaceful anchorage, where we had a short thunderstorm and rain - but no bugs thank goodness.  Now we are here in Beaufort, NC.  We will head to town, get groceries and work on an engine oil leak before we leave.




10/16/2012 - Travelling the ICW   

It is getting much too cold

A sign at the locks

Derek tending lines at the locks

A long straight stretch (20 miles) along the ICW

Sunrise at an anchorage on the ICW