When Irene came through we were tucked away up in the C&D cannel and saw very little of the winds, waves and tidal surge.  Others were not as fortunate, the communities of Oriental and Beaufort, NC show move of the impact.  We saw 45 foot sail boats a 100 yards away from the water and a good 6 feet out of the water.  Here in the anchorage we see 7 boats that have been damaged and are either on shore or floating with major repair ahead of them.  Talking to people here they saw a 8.5 tidal surge, had winds of 80 mph  and lots of water front property that went under.

One of the projects we have on the boat is installing a water maker in the port forward locker.  When working on a boat you always hate to drill into the hull because there is a bunch of water on the other side and if you drill too deep, well it is not a good thing.  A way to work around this is by epoxying; bonding, wood to the inside of the hull and then attaching your items to the piece of wood.  Bob B off the boat Baloo is an "expert" with epoxy so he took the time to teach Dean how to do it.  Once the wood has been bonded to the boat it will not come off so you need to make sure it is right the first time.  The project went off with out issues and Dean only has one that was slightly off target, practice practice pratice.

Kris has been doing some work as well, but with rather disastrous results.  Dean has been wanting her to hook the GPS (global positioning system) which gives us latitude and longitude coordinates and time to our VHF (very high frequency) radio.  The new VHF radios have a button you can  push if in distress, and they will send out a constant message with your GPS coordinates.
Kris usually does good wiring, but in this case hooked up a wire wrong, and fried the VHF.  Oh Well, a new VHF isn't that much money :(

It has been great catching up with our friends Bob and Anne on Baloo.  We first met them in Tacoma, WA when they were getting ready to go cruising at the same time that we were on our first cruise to Mexico.  They had two young boys at the time.  Now they have a bigger boat, no kids and a nice heater on board, and now we have the kid, and no heater. 

We will be leaving tomorrow and heading out onto the big blue ocean for a sail down to Wrightsville Beach, N.C.  We should have nice north winds, but cold weather.  After that we will take the ICW down to Cape Fear, Bald Head Island were we promised Derek a night at the marina so he can see Bald Head Island.  Kris, Lee and Norm stopped there on the way up delivering the boat and after Derek learned that you can only ride golf carts on the island, he was hooked.  So a night there with a golf cart rental is in the plan.
After that we will make our way down to Charleston, S.C either on the outside or on the ICW depending on weather.




Update 10/21/11 Beaufort/Irene and the wonderful world of expoxy

nice epoxy job, only attached at the bottom and top but will hold a ton

Our friends Bob and Anne on Baloo

lost dreams