Well, we finally moved the boat a fair distance - we sailed the 80 miles down to Trinidad.   Chagaraumas, Trinidad is known as the place to get work on your boat done.  Supposedly it is cheaper in Trinidad. 

We had two other boats that we are friends with heading down to get work done, so we decided to make the trip as well.  We really did not need work done, but were interested in seeing Trinidad.   We did have one repair, and that was on our air conditioning unit.   Our air conditioner only works when we are at dock, and can plug into shore power, but last time we did that, one of the units did not function.  

We had a nice sail to Trinidad overnight, and when we got in, were very disappointed in the main anchorage.   We were told that there were moorings you could take for $5 a day, but they were all full, and the rest of the anchorage was in very deep water with poor holding.   The water was quite filthy, with oil and debris. We started calling around an found a marina that could take us for three days, so we went with that option.  The marina was very reasonable at $28 per day so we were happy.   Derek was happy about the small pool at the marina. 

We were able to get our air-conditioning fixed, and enjoyed three days of a very cool boat inside, and Derek had his friends over every day for pool time which everyone enjoyed.  The other fun activity was to watch some movies on What If in the air-conditioned boat.

When our marina time was up, we moved to a different anchorage which was nicer, but still a bit rolly, and only marginally cleaner water.  This anchorage was next to the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association though, and for $45 a week we had use of the facilities which included a pool, internet, and a nice covered area to sit at.   From there it was a mile or more walk into the boating area of town, or a bus ride into a nice town in Trinidad.

We took a bus to town a couple of times, and went to a couple of malls, and even got in a trip to the PriceSmart store which is like a little Costco or Sams Club.   We stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels and some grocery items, but contrary to what we had heard - prices here were not that cheap.

We didn't stay long in Trinidad, but from what we saw, there is no reason we would head back.  If we needed work done on the boat and had booked a marina or were hauling the boat out of the water - then maybe.   For us it didn't make sense to stay longer, especially since Sam was forbidden to go ashore in Trinidad (they have strict pet rules there).  So, only after a week, we headed back to Grenada.




10/22/13; A trip to Trinidad

Trinidads Maxi Taxi bus.  One way $5 TT which
is about $ .77 in U.S. dollars

The anchorage area, red arrow is where we
were at dock.   In the background is where we
went to anchor.

Derek's swinging good time

movie time

PriceSmart at Trinidad  - looks like
 Costco/Sams Club