Bald Island North Carolina is an out of the way spot but when Kris, Lee H, and Norm W were bringing the boat north last year it was a spot that allowed work on the head/toilet/septic system.  A leak had been found and it gave off a rather nasty smell so it had to be fixed, this was just the beginning of their trip north so a repair was in order.  The island is a community that only allows bicycles and golf carts and had a surprisingly great stocked hardware store.  The repairs were made, you can use your imagination on how to fix a leaky tank of waste, but the island of golf carts caught Derek's attention and so on the return trip a stop was required.

We took the same end dock as a year ago but no leak head was being repaired.  After a quick lunch we hoped into a golf cart, dogs and all, and toured the island.  We toured the Bald Head Woods State Reserve, played on the beach, Derek played in the water (still too cold for Dean and Kris), we drove the cart on most of the roads, had long hot showers in the marina's facilities, and had a quiet evening on the boat.  Other than Derek not being able to drive the golf cart a good time was had by all.  Derek did get a good sweatshirt and a couple of boogie boards so all was not lost.

The following morning we untied and left around 5:30 am (still dark and cold but had a 75 miles to go and at 6 knots it takes awhile).  The weather forecast was for 2 to 4 foot seas and 10 to 15 knots of winds.  After a rather bumpy ride out through the breakwater the seas continued to build, so did the wind.  It is a guess but it seemed like the waves were 6 to 8 foot and I know the winds were 30 to 35 knots.  As the day progressed the winds and waves died down so all in all we sailed with a double reefed main and head sail, just head sail, full main and head sail, spinnaker, no sail/just motoring.  We had up every sail combination except one by the end of the day.




10/25/11 Bald Head Island NC, the myth the legend, the memories