Well, a lot has happened in the past few weeks.  We had mentioned an engine oil leak that needed worked on in Beaufort, NC.  Well we worked on it, and put a new rear seal on the starboard engine.  We think it is named a rear seal because it was a pain in the rear to work on.  We had to lift the engine up, separate it from the transmission, pull it forward and disconnect a bunch of stuff.  Of course 14 bolts were frozen, and it took us a full day just to get the bolts out.  Once everything was off, replacing the seal, and reassembling was pretty easy - or so we thought!!!!!!  

We motored on out of Beaufort, hit the ocean and went for an overnight motor sailed down to Charleston.   Part way there, Kris got the bright idea to check the engine -and found the oil leak was even worse.  We shut down that engine and motored on the other one.  Any guesses what we had to do again once we got anchored in Charleston - that's right, back to dismantling part of the engine and doing the job again.  Had to have a new seal overnighted to the post office.  We found the first seal had a bad spot in it.  Whether it was due to our installation, or a faulty seal we will never know - the important part is - the oil leak is now fixed, and we are pretty good and lifting and moving our engine now.

Of course, now Hurricane Sandy was bearing down the coast, and the anchorage in Charleston was getting pretty lumpy.  We finished the engine job at 2:00 in the afternoon, and made the 2:30 bridge opening to get out of there.  The next day we found a nice creek to anchor in with good protection.  There was a shrimp dock by the anchorage and we went in and bought two pounds of shrimp for $12, and had a feast that night.
We had no real winds and no waves from Sandy, so after a couple of nights we headed on down to Beaufort, SC.

It got pretty cold, so after one very cold night at anchor, Kris put her foot down (group consensus really) and we moved to a dock to we could plug into shore power and get some heat.   In the picture, you can't read it, but Kris turned the heat up to 80 degrees, and was loving life, till Dean came back from outside and felt like he was in a sauna.  We settled for 74 degrees.

So here we are - Halloween night, hunkered down in our boat on this cold night eating candy and will watch a scary movie.

Tomorrow we plan on heading offshore for an overnight trip further south to get warm.  We will let you know.





10/31/2012 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

The engine is held up by boards, with books propped under them to gain more height.

 Hurricane Sandy produced some beautiful sunsets
Sam dressed up for Halloween
Kris and Derek are in love with the boats heater.