Arriving at Charleston was in warm and sunny weather, we took a dock at the Maritime Center Marina and spent the following 7 days tied up to the dock.  Charleston has a great looking bridge that is visible from most everywhere and on the trip so far we have seen a variety of different types. Being at the dock allowed for fresh water all the time and being hooked to power full time was great, the weather was not :(.  Not sure where the cold weather came from but getting up to 50 degrees in the morning just is not fun.

Glenn and Linda McConnell came down from Charlotte NC to visit us, they are long time friends of Dean's family, see their visit on the visitor page.  We also had the previous owners of the boat, Jim and  Dorrell Antley,  come back to give us tips and suggestions.  Jim and Dorrell had cruised on the boat for many years and have lots of good memories and suggestions for the current owners.  Bill Hall of American Classic Tea Plantation came by as well, Bill has owned boats in the past and has an eye for a large catamaran. (Ours is quite small to Bill)

We were in Charleston for Halloween and  built a scary Halloween costume for Derek.  Derek had been dreaming of a "headless" costume and so between Derek and Kris they were able to make one that received comments all night long.  Bob and Anne B were able to make an overnight sail to make it to Charleston to also join us on the rounds of candy gathering.

The marina has a washing machine and dryer so some laundry could be done.  It usually had a line of people wanting to use it so Kris tried to make sure she was first in line at 8 a.m.  There were some people who did not follow "proper" usage and they caused a bit of problems with the others.  Sam had been having some issues with his food and that caused a bit more laundry than anticipated. 

Shops and more shops, at least that what it seems as you walk around Charleston.  There seems like there are more stores and more things to buy then you might have time for.  Kris and Derek went shopping or at least browsing for good deals one afternoon and even had the fun of tasting different honeys.  The local grocery store, Harris Teeter, was within 1/2 mile so provisioning was just a short walk.




11/05/11 Charleston, so much to see and so little time to see it