We have now been to both Beauforts: South Carolina and North Carolina, and while they both are unique cities their pronunciations are even more unique.  The SC name is said bew-fərt while the NC name is said boh-fərt.  So when you are in each city you must say it correctly or the locals give you that look of "where are you from".

We sailed past Calabash SC which someone told me is the sea food capital, isn't that right Tony :).  There seems to be many people using cast nets to get shrimp, heard these shrimp are the best around.  While at the dock in Charleston the local aquarium was out fishing for seaweed shrimp and at night we hear snapping shrimp and then there is the "eating" shrimp, and if you watch the movie "Forest Gump" you know there are many ways to cook/eat shrimp. On and off the docks or in small boats people are able to catch quite a few shrimp and fish with these nets.  Tony also said they are easy enough even I could learn to operate one.

The plan from here, Beaufort SC, is to make an overnight sail to southern Georgia/northern Florida and visit Cumberland Island where there is a large wild horse population.  From there it is into Florida and we are still planning on watching a space launch at Cape Canaveral of a rocket taking a rover to Mars.  It may not be the shuttle but it has to be an impressive sight.  Dean has a cousin that lives in that area so we need to stop and catch up on family activities.  After that we need to find a good route to make it to the BVIs, the problem is distance and the trade winds.  The trade winds work against the direction you want to go and it is a long way out to the island.  Oh well, we have some more time to work on a plan and there are many people and ideas on how to get there.

Most days have been busy with Derek's school taking up the morning and then either project work or seeing the local sites in the afternoon.  The people have been very friendly and usually offer suggestions of sites to see and places not to miss.  We are re-seeing some of the boats and people we have met earlier and everyone is looking for the same thing, warmer weather :).  It seems like we finally get to a place where the mornings are above 50 and then the cold weather comes again.  It could be worse though -   talking to friends in the west and east the winter is coming fast and they are seeing mornings in the 20s.




Update 11/08/11 is it Beaufort or Beaufort?

South Carolina

North Carolina

cast net