Cruisers tend to be very helpful with other cruisers.  If someone is needing an egg for dinner you might loan yours and get it replaced next week when the shopping bus came by.  Movies, music and ebooks are passed around as well.  The boat Moana Roa is from Australia and wanted to make sure we had seen some of the films that come from that great country.  Of course you have the well known Crocodile Dundee series and the Mad Max series but they also introduced us to "The Castle" and "Kenny" both of which are comedies.  I will not spoil the movies but if you are looking for some entertainment do not miss out on these two films.    Don't give up on them in the first 30 minutes, you have to watch them to the end to appreciate the humor.

Halloween was celebrated here at Grenada/Hog Island by many of the boat kids.  While the holiday is not one that island recognizes it is one that the kids on the boats would let go by with out celebrating.  Finding candy to pass out is not like in the states where the grocery stores have isles of chocolate and other candies.  Here it took a bit of work to track down enough to fill the bags of the trick or treaters.  There were only a dozen or so who went by dinghy from  boat to boat and braved the little rain that was falling.  In the end everyone left with enough candy to keep them happy for a few weeks.

We do a lot of walking even though we are on a sailboat.  When we moved onto the boat we still wore shoes from time to time but as we headed into warmer areas the shoes were traded for sandals/TEVAs/flip flops.  Over the last few months we have started to wear through them, well Derek is just growing out of them.  The pair on the right have been fixed once with 3M 5200 but they are ready for the trash now.  It is not like you can't find replacement shoes but these have seen  a lot of miles.

It has been the rainy season in Grenada, this year has been one of the driest on record.  Many boats have water collection systems so when it does rain they collect the fresh water and put it into their water tanks on the boat.  We have not worried too much water since we have a water maker and it has kept up with our needs and the solar has been able to provide the power needed.  Since we did have some time and spare parts we are attempting to collect water as well.  We have two different systems that collect rain water off the dodger top that we are trying.  Now when it rains Dean goes out into the cockpit and watches the rain water trickle into our tanks, who needs tv.

It is the time of year when people head out.  Hurricane season is over, so one of the main topics of discussion is "where you headed - and when".  We have several kid boats here, and we are all trying to coordinate still spending as much time together as possible.  We will start heading north in mid November, and plan on next summer back in the states.  Then it is time to sell the boat and look for work - unless - plans sometimes change on a dime, so who knows???.




11/08/13: Movies, Halloween, water collection, shoes/sandals  

Mr. Pirate (Derek) and Garbage Bag Boy

C3PO won the costum award

Look at all the goodies

worn out sandals

rain collection design 1

rain collection design 2