Do you know that saying "measure twice, cut once"?  Well there should be an addition to that "if there are marks on the object then use a different color to mark the length".  So working on the additional alternator that we added there is a bolt that is too long for all the adjustment to be made, simple enough to just cut the eye bolt.  Mark the bolt, take the next 30 minutes to hacksaw it, put it back on and find out it is too short.  Ok just get a new eye bolt and try again, well this eye bolt is a "high strength ball joint rod end" and there are a special order for the local businesses.  Ok the next option is to find McMaster Carr phone number, order a new one and hope it gets in prior to leaving the anchorage, the next day.  It did and the uncut/full length and working fine.  Another valuable lesson learned on the "What If" :).

We stopped at Cumberland Island which is the southern most island in Georgia and is a state park and has a wild horse population.  We sailed overnight from Beaufort SC and came into the anchorage in the early morning, 7:30am and promptly went to sleep for the next few hours.  Well Dean and Kris did because they had been up for the sailing part but Derek was all rested and ready for a new day.  By noon we were all ready to go ashore and walk the park, the dogs included.  The horses were seen from the boat, and on shore we saw the horses as well.  They look like any other horse - well a horse is a horse of course of course. 

We then went down the ICW to the Kingsley Plantation, a state park in Florida, we finally made it to Florida and the sun was shinning and the temperature was warm :).  The plantation was educational to walk around and learn about the activities of the plantation.  Bob off Baloo has some eagle eyes and as we motored down the ICW would point out Bald Eagles and Manatee, we could spot the dolphins but the Manatees were hard to spot.

The next stop was only 30 miles down the ICW but we wanted to have an easy trip into St. Augustine so this stop was in preparation for the next day.  But not to let a good thing go unused Anne on Baloo made a turkey dinner and Kris made mashed potatoes, biscuits, and an pineapple upside down cake.  The group did not go hungry and then we were in good shape to play UNO attack, not sure who won but we sure had a good time playing.

Yesterday we made the short hop into St. Augustine, FL and anchored in the river.  There will be laundry, shopping, a trip to West Marine for parts for the water maker, a trip to the Volvo ship store for oil filters and a general wandering around town to look at the Spanish influenced architecture.  Right off our anchor is Fort "Castillo de San Marcos" which is the oldest masonry fort in the US, and they fire cannons and muskets through out the day as they give tours of the fort.




Update 11/17/11, into Florida and the sun :)

Slave quarters at the Kingsley Plantation back in the day
Kingsley Plantation - Fort George Island, Florida

The special bolt