It was back in June when we arrived in Grenada to find a spot for the hurricane season.  The forecast for hurricanes predicted a higher than normal season and if it looked like one was going to come by we thought we would head south to Trinidad if needed.  It turned out to be a very mild hurricane season, so no bad weather for us.  In the end we did go south to see Trinidad, but just for sight seeing vs. weather driven.

Now that it is November; most of the cruising boats are starting to head north, and  it is time for us to do the same.  Looking back over the time spent here it was very enjoyable for all and we met many great people.  Derek had more kids to play with than we imagined,  and the kid's camp was a great way to start the summer.  Sam had a great area for his morning walks and started to even enjoy swimming around the boat in the afternoon to cool down.  The water was even warm enough that Kris could enjoy the morning noodleing, ie water aerobics.

Cruisers pass around movies and books to one another frequently.  One of the movies that had been passed around is Heartbreak Ridge which had some of the US invasion of Grenada on it.  We have recently watched it and the movie is NOT on our recommended list to watch.  If you are needing to waste two hours and do not want to sleep we still would not recommend watching this movie - it really is that bad.

Our cruising plans now are to head north with several other boats, most of them with kids.  We are looking to spend Thanksgiving at St. Lucia, not that there will be much of a celebration because the other boats are from Canada, Australia, and England.  As you might guess our Thanksgiving is not much of a holiday for those folks.  We do plan on spending Christmas around Antigua and should have a great time with the other folks for that holiday.

After the holidays it will be continuing on to the BVIs, American VIs, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and then onto the east coast of the US, where we will spend some time land travelling, and then unfortunately, start looking for work again :(   ---- but who knows - what if our stocks do really well, or what if we think maybe we want to do the western Caribbean, or what if?????




11/18/13: Grenada in review

Grenada's Flag

Hog Island

Invasion by the US into Grenada = really bad movie

Calm night at Hog Island

Our other cruisers at anchor

One of the many water falls in Grenada

Play after school

Joe's taxi and sightseeing

kid's camp