Kris's folks, Norm and Deedy Whittington,  decided to drive from Bend, Oregon to Stuart, FL to visit us.  That is a trip of about 3,000  miles ONE WAY.  They have a pickup with camper, so they loaded up the cat and took off.  That's right, our cat Sackett, who they have adopted while we are sailing, came with them.   It was nice to see Sackett again, as we had him for 11 years before Kris's folks agreed to adopt him while we sailed.  They have thoroughly spoiled him rotten, and now we are not sure we will ever get him back, as he quite enjoys his new home.

Norm and Deedy also brought something very near and dear to our hearts - yes Tillamook Cheese - about 40 pounds of cheese.  Yes that is right 40 lbs - you got a problem with that????
Most of you know that we like cheese, and Tillamook cheese is simply the best cheese there is.  You can unfortunately only get it mostly on the west coast, so Kris's folks were nice enough to purchase some and bring it out with them.  Otherwise, we would have had them ship it!!

We spent a nice 5 days with them, did a lot of shopping and provisioning, and it was great to have a vehicle to do stuff in.  We would not have been able to accomplish all the provisioning we did without them.   We were also fortunate enough to hook up with our friends on "Good Trade", and we all went out for dinner together.  "Good Trade" is also from Bend, Oregon, so  we all had a lot in common.

Norm and Deedy  went for  scenic motor with Kris and Derek down the ICW between Stuart and Lake Worth.  Dean drove the camper down so they could have the boat trip.  We wish we could have had more time with them, but they were concerned about weather on the way back home, so they headed out, and made it back in time for Thanksgiving in Oregon.

After they left, we headed further south, as the weather has been unseasonably cold, and Kris was needing more warmth.  We took a chance on the weather and left port at 4:30 a.m. to make a 75 mile run down to Miami.  The forecast was for 3 to 5 foot seas, but we did not see anything near 5 feet, maybe 3 feet at the maximum which was nice.  We had to stay less than one mile from shore because the gulf stream was so close to land that unless we did we had a knot or more current against us.  By staying close to shore, we picked up a small counter current and made the trip with no issues. 

We did have a small visitor on the way - a lonely honey bee, who was cold and tired.  Kris put out a small lid with some honey on it, which he readily went to and ate his fill.  It was amazing how active he got once he had some nourishment, and he quickly flew off after that.

We are here in Miami Beach now, with free city provided internet, so Derek is thrilled.  Lots of shopping close by, and a reasonably calm anchorage.  We will hang out here until we get a good weather window for the Bahamas and then we will head out.




11/22/2012 -  A visit from the west

Kris's folks and their pickup and camper

Dad taking a much need rest, while Mom learns about charts

Sackett, the spoiled cat
Our visitor
Miami skyline