It is good to be sailing again and seeing new islands.  When the boat moves it reminds you that every now and then you need to pay attention to it, also to put some money into it.

We left Grenada bound for St. Lucia and other than a confused/rough seas from Grenada to Carriacou it was looking good.  We stopped at Carriacou long enough to look for a fuel barge that was supposedly there and offering diesel at $9 EC per gallon.  We did not find it so continued north with the other catamaran Pollux and we picked up Windchasers at Carriacou, a single hander who is also headed north.

There was a storm that came through just at dusk and the seas and winds picked up but all three boats did well.  Shortly into the night we lost a reefing block, used to keep the sail small due to the high winds.  Pollux had some engine problems and Windchasers had no issues.  Deciding the best bet was to pull into an anchorage for the night and fix our problems we detoured to Canouan and found a nice protected anchorage for the night.

In the morning everything always looks better and the problems were fixed on both boats.  Not wanting to get to St. Lucia too early in the morning we left the anchorage at 12 noon and sailed for most of the day.  During the night we had some winds that were not blowing in the right direction for us to sail, so had to motor some of the way.  At 6:30 am we pulled into the northern anchorage of Rodney Bay on St. Lucia and dropped the anchor.

Overall it is still good to be moving even with the issues that pop up now and then.  It looks like the weather will not be nice to head north until Thursday so we will check in with customs/immigration and do some shopping and site seeing.  The anchorage is a protected one and there is some slow internet available so we should stay out of trouble.




11/26/13: to St. Lucia 
Just a little further north.  
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
South end of St. Lucia

Cloudy day in the anchorage

Our friends on Pollux catch a wave

 Before - turning block
After - blown out turning block