Since we are in Cocoa Florida it is on proper we give "I Dream of Jeannie" it's justice of recognizing the importance of that show, ok that might be a bit of a push but we are close to Cocoa Beach.  In the show Jeannie, Major Nelson, and Major Healey kept the space program in everyone's mind and anything was possible with just a nod from Jeannie.  Well we have not seen any of the cast but we did get to see the launch of the Curiosity Rover to Mars.  The launch occurred at 10:03 on Saturday and we watched it from Dean's cousin's place. The Rover will circle Earth for the next 7 months and then off to Mars, another 8.5 months to get there.  Once the Rover lands it will have power to roam over the planet for at least two years.

Dean's cousin Linda and her husband Phil entertained us like royalty.  They cooked Thanksgiving dinner, had us over for  breakfast and watching the launch from their place. They took us to the Black Point Wildlife Drive where we spotted our first live in the wild gaiters.  Derek and Dean  played Wii golf with Phil, and finally they had us over for dinner again on Tuesday.  We even flooded their mail box with a bunch of packages, we had used their address to receive several packages.  Most of our relatives are on the west coast so having someone on the east coast was extra nice. Linda made some of the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies we have ever had.

The park at Cocoa has this cool fountain and Derek played one afternoon in it.  Well he started off playing around the jets of water but by the end of the day he was in the water more than out of the water.  The dingy ride back to the boat was wet due to the wind and surf but Derek was already soaked so he didn't care.  There are many small shops in the town, officially Cocoa Village and one is a magic shop that Derek spent some time and money at.  Sooner or later we should be able to put Derek on the street corner and he can entertain for money :).

Of course the time here was not all fun, Kris was forced to go into the biggest and most awesome hardware store ever!!!!  The store was founded in 1885 and covers several buildings, not sure how many square feet - but a lot.  If your local Home Depot or Lowes does not have an item they send the customer to this store.  You can walk through the aisles but if you want to find something specific you are ahead to ask because you will not find it unless you have a guide, it is that loaded with stuff.  The first time Derek and Kris went into the store it was an hour before they immerged with the look of wow on their faces.  Thus we have purchased a few items that we have been looking for and so a couple more projects are closer to being done.




11/30/11 Curiosity, Jeannie, Alligators
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