Well it is warm here at Miami Beach;  we thought by now we would be headed to the Bahamas,  but the weather is just not behaving.  When you leave from Miami area you have to cross the Gulf Stream to get to the Bahamas.  That water in the Gulf Stream is moving south to north at about 5 knots.  When the winds are out of the north going against the Gulf Stream the waves start to build and have been in the 6 to 10 foot seas.  This is something we really wanted to avoid so we have been waiting for the winds to clock around to the southerly direction.  When that happens the waves go down into the 0 to 2 foot seas, much nicer.  So we sit and wait, could be worse places to wait.

We have anchored off the main shipping channel into Miami over on the Miami Beach side.  This allows use to watch the cruise ships come in and out of the port.  There are a lot of cruise ships Every day it seems there are two to three new ones at the dock, and most are rather large.  We have spent some time walking up and down the South Beach area.   South Beach has a lot of personality and diversity.  There are distinct cultural groups here, with a large Latin influence.  It is  rather fun to just people watch.  We ate lunch at a Cuban restaurant the other day for Kris's birthday.  It seems like you can find all types of food and stores depending upon what you are looking for.  There are several large grocery stores here, so we have finished all our provisioning, and are ready to go when the weather turns.

There are several boats in this anchorage and we have heard there are a lot more just south of us waiting for the same weather window to head east.  So far the first real good opportunity looks to be on Monday/Tuesday, the 10th or 11th.

We have all been doing good health wise, Derek lost another tooth the other day, it came out after he ate some gooey candy.  We think only a couple more teeth to go.   We will have to take him to a dentist sooner or later, but he is voting for the much much later option.

We have met some new folks here, also cruisers waiting to head over to the Bahamas as well, but none with kids.  We haven't seen many cruising kids this year, but hope that we can meet up with more once in Georgetown Bahamas.




Update 12/07/12; Miami Beach