We realize it is mid December and some places are experiencing snow, ice storms and  cold weather (-20 degrees F), and your typical winter weather conditions.  Since we are further south our weather has been different; high temp still in the mid 80s,   low temp mid 70s, a bit more windy which makes for a cooler night but overall it has been very enjoyable, that was until we arrived in Dominica.

The weather was predicted to become nasty out of the east/northeast with high winds which would make the seas 8 to 10 foot.  So the plan was to make it to Dominica and enjoy the protected anchorage and see the island.  There are probably 20 other cruising boats here as well all with the same idea. 

We made it to Dominica just fine, and our first day was great.  Before the rain started,  Kris had taken Jen off "Pollux", and "Sonia" of Moana Roa to a local hot spring we knew of, and the girls had a nice hot soak in their "private spa".   

Then next day, everyone decided to go take a hike at the local fort.   Kris and Derek did not go, as Derek has sprained his neck while doing flips and dives off of Pollux.   That day it dumped rain.

Most of the time the rain storms will come through and dump for 5 to 10 minutes and then the sun comes out and maybe another storm comes through later in the day.  The rain dumped for hours on end then a short 5 to 10 minute sunny spot and then back to rain.  If any boat that has a rain catcher for their fresh water tanks has already topped off their tanks and is looking for ways to clean the boat or do laundry with the excess water.  Rain is nice, but only so much. 

We got two loads of laundry done in the rain, filled the tanks and still had water going to waste.   Kris and Derek were quite happy to be on the boat, while everyone else was hunkered down waiting for a break in the rain on their hike.

The next day, it was only spotty rain and it cleared off and we  were able to enjoy a nice potluck on the beach with about 12 other boats in the anchorage.

We decided to take a tour with "Emily Grace", "Pollux", and "Windchasers".  We drove to Chaudie pool and took a hike and then went diving in the pool.   Kris and Derek had done this last time we were in Dominica, but it was new to everyone else.   We then went and bought some casava bread which is a locally made bread from the Casava plant.  It is a quite heave bread and flavored with coconut and ginger.  We went on to the Karibugng area where most of the local Carib Indians are settled and bought some home made baskets.   The baskets are beautiful and very reasonably priced.   After a nice lunch at a local restaurant then we went to the  red rocks area, of interesting red clay canyons and formations.  Played there for a while, and then to a beautiful river.   If you swam across the river, a small area was set off where hot springs flowed  into a small pool.  Due to the recent rains, the pool was only lukewarm, so not everyone braved the river swim.

Lots seen and a long day.  The next morning we went over to say goodbye to "Moana Roa", as they were taking off, and we would not see them again.  - At least that is what we thought.




12/17/13: rain, wind, did I mention rain?  

Clouds and rain
Video of Derek diving in to pool
Kids in the red rocks

More playing in the red rocks

Indian baskets and handicrafts

Swim the river for the "lukewarm" pool

Banana leaves are really big.