We left Miami on Wednesday the 12th at 11:30 p.m along with our friends on "Good Trade".  We motor  sailed across to North Bimini Island in the Bahamas and arrived by 9:30 a.m. on the 13th.  After the guys went town and did all the official paperwork, we all headed in to town and got a new Sim card for the phones so we could have cell phone coverage in the Bahamas.  The boys went for a quick swim at the dock, as the clear water was just too tempting to resist.  A quick lunch and then we headed out a gain to catch favorable winds for  a long 150 mile passage next.

Unfortunately, the winds although good for sailing, were strong and built the seas up to an uncomfortable rocking and rolling sail all night long.  We had 3 to 5 foot seas on the beam, which the boat rolls up and down quite nicely, but about every 10th sea or so gets out of whack and slams into the side of the boat and up underneath causing a lurch and loud bang which is very unpleasant. 
About 3:00 in the morning of the 14th a squall came through and the wind shifted to off the nose so Kris went to start up the engine to help motor through the squall and could not get the engine on port to start, but did get the starboard engine started.  As it was dark, loud, rocky and Dean was sleeping, she didn't worry about it then, but decided to worry about it in the morning.  Come morning, seas still bad and getting worse, the engine was tried again, and all it did was turn just a bit, then seize up and not move.   The seas were too rough to work on anything then, and Kris was afraid that if she did try to work on the engine, not only would she have the engine to fix, but also vomit to clean up off the engine.
After sailing 26 hours in unpleasant conditions, we could finally change course and head more downwind for the last 5 hours and had a pleasant sail and anchored at Highborne Cay in the Bahamas.
We all had a well deserved good nights sleep, but in the morning the anchorage was a bit rolly, so we pressed on, and had a nice sail down to Pipe Cay in the Bahamas, were we found a nice quiet anchorage.  Our friends on "Good Trade" made the trip with us.

When Kris looked at the engine the next morning, we were quite dismayed to find out that we had seawater backed up into the engine.   Kris started working while Dean and Derek took Sam to shore.
One great thing about the cruising community is the willingness of others to help out when a crisis occurs.  Our friends on "Good Trade" were kind enough to offer the use of their phone to call a mechanic for advice when our phone couldn't get a signal, and they freely offered what advice they could give.  Our friends on "Full Monty" were within radio distance and a quick call to them and Will gave us some great advice from his years of working on engines, that  did the trick and got our engine running again.  We could not have got it done that quickly, or maybe not at all without their help and we greatly appreciated it.

We got the work on the engine done and got it started up.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with diesel engines - getting salt water in your engine has one of two results - one result is to get the engine started again - the other result is to use the engine as a large chunk of worthless metal that does nothing.  We were most happy to get the first result.   Evidently the hard pounding forced water back up the exhaust pipe and into the engine - something to be aware of for next time.  We have run the engine and done two oil changes, with a couple of more oil changes to come until we we feel like we got all the water out.  Good thing we stocked up on oil and filters in the states.
Dean and Derek had a good time snorkeling with "Good Trade" while Kris babied the engine, and Derek got his first lionfish with the spear gun.  We will celebrate the engine work and snorkeling with a nice Periwinkle chowder tonight with our friends on "Good Trade"




12/17/2012 - Rough seas and engine failure, but sun, clear water and snorkeling at last 

Relaxing on the boat

Our friends on "Good Trade"

One fixed and running engine again

Colin from "Full Monty", Kyler from "Good Trade" and Derek

Kris grading schoolwork

An informal dingy gathering to plan the days fishing trip