Well, it has been a long time since this was updated.  Sorry about that.

Life on land is just so much more dull than our travelling life, that we really have nothing to say.  I mean, does anyone find any interest in reading about our trip  to the store now?  No beach parties, no anchoring issues, no plumbing fixes - just work and the old grind for a while for us.

We have kept up with those lucky ones that are still out cruising and enjoy reading about their adventures, please keep the updates coming.

We all miss different aspects of boat life - and some aspects we don't miss.  Derek is definitely in love with internet, and spends most his free time on his computer playing with friends online gaming.  He is a sophomore in High School now, and doing well taking honors Math, Biology and Engineering.  He really would prefer to be doing school online, as the behavior of other students, and the amount of time wasted is a daily irritation to him.

Kris is working full time at a company called Vanmark Equipment, as has been since October of 2014.  The company build equipment for big companies that takes potatoes, and cuts them into french fry shapes.  The company sells worldwide, so next time you eat a french fry, chances are it was cut on the equipment manufactured by her company.  They also sell to companies who slice apples, carrots, and peppers.   Kris likes her job for the most part, but it doesn't really use all of her skills, and the pay could be better, but it pays the bills, and that is what the goal was for now.

Dean started working for an Organic Chocolate company last November 2014 - YUM - but unfortunately, it was a start up company, and although they were doing well, they lost out on a contract to get the product into a major grocery store, and the owners did not want to take a chance that they may not make it into the stores within the next 6 months, so decided to shut down.  So Dean was a expert chocolate guy for 3 months, we all gained 10 pounds, and then he was out of work.   He is still looking for a job, what since our bills our paid from Kris's job, he is taking the time to find a company that would be a good fit, and he would enjoy.

We are still at the same apartment we first moved to.  Dean takes Sam for daily walks, but Sam is getting old, and slowing down.   We have our cat Sackett, which was at Kris's folks while we were on the boat, and a new addition to the family, a new kitten "Smokey" which we found while out for a daily walk with Sam one night.  We actually found 4 kittens, and we found homes for the other three, but this one captured our hearts, so we decided to keep.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and remind you all to follow your dreams sooner than later.




12/19/15; Merry Christmas 
Derek with his new kitten Smokey
Still eating our "junk food" diet

The company that Kris is working for

 Out of 4 adorable kittens, we could only keep one  
 Boise, Idaho, we live in Meridian, a neighboring town on the outskirts.   Boise is high desert climate, and Kris is cold all winter.