We finally left Manatee Pocket, (Stuart, FL) much later than we had planned.  As we were getting ready to leave, our depth sounder went on the fritz.  Now, for those of you who don't know, a depth sounder is a very important piece of equipment.  It lets you know exactly how deep the water is right before you run aground. (Ha Ha)

We stayed an extra couple of days in Manatee Pocket waiting for a depth sounder, and ended up leaving anyway because our good friends Bob and Anne on Baloo came into the anchorage, and were kind enough to let us follow them to the next anchorage, which is where we are now.

We are anchored close to North Palm Beach, Fl, in a lake off of the ICW called Lake Worth.  It is a great anchorage, with many many boats.

Derek was so happy, because his friend Kyler off of "Good Trade" is also here so he has been able to play with him.

We spent Christmas here, and had a nice day.  Derek got towed on a paddle board behind the dinghy by Kylers's dad Ross, so he had a great time.
Baloo came over for Christmas dinner, which was very nice.

As you can see in the picture, we even had a small Christmas tree, with many presents, and we also hung Christmas lights inside and outside the boat.

We bought a new Kayak for the family, and we have all been having fun with that as well.  Derek has been paddling so much his arms are like jello now.

We are leaving today, should be south of Miami on Wednesday night, and if the weather holds, may be heading to the Bahamas on Friday.

The boat is stocked with more food than we need, lots of dog food, and more stuff than we should have.  We started up our water maker and that is running well,, so we should not have any water issues.  Our new depth sounder is installed and working well also.




Update 12/27/2011.  Lake Worth (North Palm Springs) and Christmas