Well Christmas has come and gone.  We wanted to get this out before Christmas, but we are slow - what can we say?

This year has been a year of extremes, snow and cool weather at the start of the year and now sun and temperatures in the mid 70s to lower 80's.  Living in a 3000 sq ft house and now maybe 300 sq ft boat.  Working hard at Bigelow and now working hard at staying out of trouble.

The boat has been worked on while it was at Bridgeport on the hard, when it was in the water at Bridgeport, while we traveled down the coast, and we are just about done with most of the work list.  Of course we tend to add more projects but once we leave Florida there will be less parts available so the projects might just add up.

Derek graduated from the 5th grade and was headed to middle school in Trumbull which was just behind our house.  Now he is lives in the school and has to deal with two teachers/parents who might focus a bit more on his effort vs. personality.  The home schooling has been going well and it has been nice to be able to focus more or less on subjects based upon how Derek is learning vs. how the rest of the class is doing.

We did have an exciting cross country trip in the Jeep, left Trumbull CT on a Friday night and arrived in Boise Idaho four days later.  The family, two dogs, one cat, Derek, Dean and Kris were all happy to get out of the vehicle and walk vs. just sit.  We were able to meet up with many family and friends and see a lot of the country side prior to selling the jeep and jumping on the boat.

Once on the boat we took a quick trip north to Block Island and then it has been head south, warmer weather being the main focus.  We did get to experience our first hurricane - Irene.  The impact of it was very minor for us and really did not disrupt our schedule or cause an issue.  Our schedule has been very vague at best so we must be on schedule.

We were not sure where we might end up, Bahamas or Virgin Islands, it looks like this year will be the Bahamas.  Several cruisers have been exploring the Bahamas for ten plus years and say they have yet to see all the anchorages. 




Happy Holidays 2011