It is close to being Christmas, but it does not seem like it really is the holiday season.  We have not heard the assortment of holiday music from the radio since we don't listen to local radio.  No ads on TV advertising toys and specials, since we don't watch TV.  The stores do not have many  holiday decorations up here in Guadeloupe, certainly nothing like the U.S. does, and of course the weather is warm and sunny, not cold and snowy.   But it is the season for joy and giving, and we wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!

Currently we are at the northern point of Guadeloupe at the anchorage of Deshaies.  Our plans are to head south 9 miles to Pigeon Point and meet up with several other boats for Christmas.  The kids have exchanged names for secret Santa and everyone will get together for a snack time as well.  We had been at Pigeon Point but there wasn't any internet so we moved up to Deshaies so we can make some Skype calls to friends and family.

Back at Pigeon Point, we hope to have some sunny weather and snorkel and maybe dive in the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park there, but the weather looks rainy, so we shall see.

We spent some time in Les Saintes, where we said goodbye to our friends on Moana Roa - it is always hard to say goodbye, and unfortunately, the next few months will hold a couple of more for us.  At Les Saintes, we hiked up a hill and explored a fort, and just spent time with friends.  And ate baguettes of course!




12/23/13; Merry Christmas  

Merry Christmas 2013

250 LED Christmas lights in the cockpit

Friends off the boat Spirit of Argo did this video.
We think they did a great job portraying
Christmas in the Caribbean attitude.

Spirit of Argo's Christmas video

Our Christmas tree

Les Saintes anchorage

Fort at Les Saintes

The group at the fort

Most people think of the Caribbean as lush and tropical
which it is, but also there is a lot of cactus and dry scrub.

View from the fort