One of the traditions is watching a movie most nights during /after dinner. We started the trip with many DVDs and added to that by friends. One big jump in our collection came from another boater who had movies on their computer which we copied.  Currently we are watching the James Bond series and are watching Roger Moore. Two of the movies have used Thunderball cave in the movie, it is located here in the Bahamas and we dove there as well.

We watched some good and bad movies some of the bad ones were "Big County", "Wanted", and one of the James Bond. Some good ones were" Harry Potter", "The Incredibles", and "Back To The Future".

Usually after dinner dad makes popcorn with melted butter with salt. One bowl full is normal. The popcorn is made on a stove not on a microwave, it took a while to learn cooking on the stove vs. the microwave.

On really long passages I like to watch series like" Harry Potter", "Pirates of the Caribbean", and "Mythbusters".




 5/9/12 Update; Derek's Nightly Movies