Christmas is coming and I am not sure what I want, this is a problem.  It is driving me crazy, not sure what I really want.  The normal toys are too easy and the expensive computer stuff is too much money so I am trying to find something that is more me that I will play with for a long time.

The fish story.  So I have been trying to catch a fish since we left Connecticut but have not been successful until now.  So I decided to go fishing because I was bored of Mine Craft and we did not have internet.  So I got out the pole and reel and started casting and reeling, no luck.  My mom suggested using a bobber and orange fish stuff and 15 minutes later the pole bent and I yelled to my mom "I caught a fish I caught a fish".  My mom came over and she said reel it in and I said I am I am.  After adjusting the drag tension I was able to reel it in.  When I got it close enough we got the net out and mom was able to net it.  We got the fish on board and identified it as a cat fish, not one that was good to eat.  Dad took out the hook and we let it go back into the water.  I was so excited I could not stop walking around the boat and saying "I caught a fish, I caught a fish".




Derek's 12/11/11 Update