For my birthday I really wanted to go scuba diving.  Mom and Dad talked to Dive Exuma and found I could take an introductory dive with  out being certified.  I meet the dive boat and went to the "Blue Hole" in anchorage #3 on Stocking Island near George Town Bahamas.  A blue hole is just that, a deep hole that goes down in the middle of shallower water.  The blue hole I dove at goes down about 60 feet.

First they walked me through the safety procedures, made sure I understood what was going to happen and then they loaded me up with the tank, regulator and BC.  It sure weighed a lot in the boat but once I was in the water it did not weigh anything.

My dive master talked to me on the surface and then we slowly sank beneath the boat.  We went slowly down the line because by ears took awhile to adjust to the pressure changes.  Finally we reached the bottom and knelt on the bottom.  I did not have enough weight so kept floating up even though my BC was out of air.  Even with that issue I worked with my dive master on how to clear my mask, clear the mouth piece with air, and then we took a fun trip around the area.

I saw a really big fish about 2 feet and a foot big sea cucumber, sea cucumbers are black and mostly in nooks and crannies they shoot water out of themselves as protection.  I went down to 40 feet and at 32 feet you have to wait a minute when you are going up so you can get the nitrogen out of your body.

I was nervous before we got into the water and then a bit as we went down but after awhile I had a great time. Now I have to convince my parents to do more diving.  On 3/27/12 it looks like mom and I are going to do a reef dive.  If all goes well we might even do two dives that day but I will tell you about it later.





Update; Derek goes diving