Visitors who have come to spend time with us and survived :)

Who: Chaz and Dylan Stolba

When: August 15th to August 17th  

Their story: Chaz and Dylan Stolba, Derek's best friends for the last 5 years came and spent some time on the boat with us.

Their first day started out rainy, but then cleared up.  We motor sailed from Bridgeport, CT to Manhasset Bay, NY.  During the trip all the boys had fun hanging off the railing on the back steps and being dragged through the water.  They all had life jackets on, and safety whistles as well, which came in real handy when Dylan decided that we all should have a man overboard practice drill, and promptly became the man overboard quite by accident.  Chaz and Derek blew on their whistles and kept a sharp eye on Dylan, while Dean brought the boat around to pick him up.  No harm done, but we will never forget our first "man overboard"

Dylan wasn't through, he managed to hit his head while doing a railing flip later - by forgetting to let go of the railing.

Chaz was not to be outdone - while swinging from the halyard out into the water, he body slammed the boat when he didn't let go of the rope.  He also tried to drown himself by getting his foot caught in a line and dangling upside down into the water.

Don't worry we are not horrible parents, all the kids had on their lifejackets during all the escapades.

Chaz, Dylan and Derek enjoyed going through the East River and into New York harbor, seeing all the ships and tugs, and going right by the Statue of Liberty.

They also had a good time watching all of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

We look forward to next summer for them joining us on more cruising adventures.

Early Morning
Man Overboard
Derek taking the leap
The three amigos cooling off
Chaz takes a plunge
Don't worry Dylan, we won't let the crab get you!
Dylan jumps with style
Do you see that fish?