Visitors who have come to spend time with us and survived :)

Who: Glenn and Linda McConnell

When: October 29, 2011

Their story: Glenn and Linda McConnell drove down from Charlotte NC to see what kind of adventure Dean/Kris/Derek are experiencing.  The McConnell's are long time friends of Dean's family where Glenn and Dean's dad both worked for the Forest Service in Montana.  When Glenn and Linda arrived we spent the afternoon showing and talking about the boat and then the second day took a trip out to the Charleston Tea Plantation, that was after the McConnell's took us around town for some boat supplies.  Some of the places are just too far to walk so the availability of a taxi was very much appreciated.  The plantation is on Wadmalaw Island and has about 30 acres of tea plants that are harvested during the growing season.  During the visit we watched a gecko catch a butterfly and eat it, remember we are home schooling Derek so we try never to miss an educational opportunity.  Bill Hall, the plantation manager, gave a great tour explaining how the tea plants are cared for, how tea is harvested, and how tea is processed to make green or black tea.  There is a self guided video tour through the factory and a small gift store where all your tea needs can be met.  It was great catching up with Glenn and Linda and we really appreciated the time we spent with them.