Visitors who have come to spend time with us and survived :)

Who: John McCraw

When: July 2012

Their story: Parking the boat

This was John's second time on the boat and and we really let him have it this time.  The night John showed up there was a lightning and rain storm that he was able to watch from the boat, just got to the boat in time to stay dry.  We have been using John's address to mail supplies and goodies to so he had quite the bag of goodies to bring.   


The trip to Newport was more motoring than sailing but it was not raining so it was a good day on the boat, better than at work.  We anchored between the New York Yacht Club and Ida Lewis, in the special anchorage area.  There were a lot of boats here and other than re-anchoring a few times and then watching another boat all night it wasn't too bad.  We were able to walk the town and see many of the old mansions that are around town.


We did get a decent sail with the spinnaker from Newport over to Block Island.  The anchorage at Block was very vacant so we had a great spot to anchor and watch the boats in the harbor.  Last year we bicycled the east end of the island so this year it was the west end.  We rode out to the light house, not a bad ride other than the hill just before you get there.  Since it was early in the day and Derek was wanting to play in the surf we decided to ride to the east end as well.  Made it with a few aching muscles but Derek had a great time playing in the surf.


The trip back to Stonington was a great sail, 10-15 knots of wind and the boat moved along at 5-6 knots.  The weather was cloudy and drizzly but it was an enjoyable trip back.

Derek tried to get John to jump in too, but no luck

This is the fouth lighthouse for this spot