Visitors who have come to spend time with us and survived :)


We quickly got in a snorkel trip to a coral reef.  The water was not the normal crystal clear water we would like to see, but we had decent visibility to swim with the fishy and Lee and Edie even got to spot a sea turtle. 

Usually we keep the boat in the same spot, and can dinghy around to see stuff, but with most all Bahama's storms, the wind starts out from the SE, the clocks around to  SW, then strong strong winds out of the North, then NE and then East until the storm is over.  We moved the boat 8 times in the 7 days Lee and Edie were here, just to find a calm anchorage. 

We got our fair share of winds, we saw gusts up to 45 knots, but Lee could only capture 37,7 on the camera, but proof the winds were really blowing. 

We took several walks on the beach during the big winds, and had to be careful.  The blowing sand sandblasted the bare legs and got in hair and faces.

We were able to find a calm spot to anchor, and not anchor dragging, so no seasickness the whole trip.

Edie and Lee were very considerate with our limited menu choices and helped out with the shopping.  They even took us out for a nice lunch at the local restaurant for burgers and fries.

We were sorry that the storm came, as we would have liked them to see more snorkeling sights and be able to jump in and go swimming every day - but one of the many things we can't control is the weather. 

They had a good visit anyway, and we hope that they come back again.

Who: Lee & Edie Hearst

When: March 2012

Their story:

Big winds, not much snorkeling,

moved the boat for good protection

walk the sandy beaches, naps.


Enjoying the view from the top of the hill

Good naps and good books

Wind  Wind Wind
Walking the beach and exploring

Playing Pinochle and Zero
Colorful starfish

Swinging off the boat for a swim

Closeness on the dinghy rides

Lots of boats anchored for the storm

Checking out the local landmarks

Petting the tame ray at the beach
Lost, just check out the sign post to find your distance back home.

Pink houses on the beach

Edie impressed us with her artistic ability

How the wind does blow
 Some people cruise on big boats, some on small