Who: Norm Whittington, Lee Hearst

When: May 2010

Their story: Lee and Norm flew into Charleston, SC to help bring the boat north.  Their plane landed late and then Norm's luggage was missing so the start of the trip was not smooth.  After a restful night on the boat they started north and had good weather and a good time.  No trip would be complete with out a couple of adventures.  Lee earned the nickname "Hit Something Lee", and Norm earned the nickname "Wrong Way Norm".

Lee was the first, and so far only one to run the boat hard aground in the mud of the ICW, and had to kedge off.  Norm constantly left the anchorage and wanted to head the wrong way.  Not to say Kris did not make any mistakes, which she did, but that is another story. 

As they came through the dirty waters of NC they had a great stay at Alligator River Marina.    Dean and Derek met them at Staten Island and then Derek rode with them to Port Washington.  Lee had to fly home at that time and Norm stayed on for the next week or so.

All in all a very successful trip, and the boat made it to Bridgeport, CT in better shape than it left Charleston.